Scalable Manufacturing Solutions

Five Steps

To Manufacturing Success

At Romar we use a 5-step process to deliver a complete, turnkey solution to manufacturing problems

Five Steps to Manufacturing Success

Expert Analysis

1. Expert Analysis

Many of our clients contact us at the concept stage of a new product looking for expert help with design for manufacture.

Others are facing problems with their existing manufacturing process, most often issues around quality production or commercial viability.

Romar is solutions orientated, and with over 50 years experience in commercial manufacturing we’ve pretty much seen it all.

Our team of engineering experts will define the manufacturing problems you are facing and recommend the fastest and most cost effective route to the outcome you are looking for.

MarcComputer 3D

2. Design for Manufacture

A design is not much use unless the product can be manufactured in a scalable and commercially viable way.  Our world class design team have extensive expertise in design for manufacture (DFM) across a wide range of industries.

We partner with designers looking for manufacturing expertise. Our flawless DFM process starts with design modelling using CAD software and concept creation. We then consult extensively with our clients to refine and blend the concepts until we find the perfect solution.

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Material Selection Silicone Parts

3. Material Selection

Materials like rubber and silicone are notoriously tricky to work with.

We understand these materials at a very deep level.

Our vast experience in tolerance and performance requirements and best industrial practice mean we understand why some materials act in a certain way.

And over the past 50 years we have developed world-wide partnerships and connections with leading materials specialists.

So when the problem is especially complex, we collaborate with fellow experts to deliver a commercially viable solution for our clients.

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Lasertec - Commercial Manufacture

4. Commercial Manufacture

Romar uses a consistent, high quality results-based approach to the delivery of your design and vision.  We reduce complexity and develop innovative methods of manufacture to ensure your designs are commercially viable.

Our team of highly skilled tool makers create the highest quality moulds. Our capability includes micromoulding, precision moulding and medical devices manufacturing.

Our engineering team utilises state of the art, world-class equipment like our Lasertec 65 3D printer and a Class 8 clean room.

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Logistics and Operation

5. Logistics and Distribution

Our complete end-to-end design and manufacture solution means we see your project through to completion.

Our bio-medical engineers and our quality assurance and quality control team ensure everything is manufactured to current international standards including IS0 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical devices).

Romar’s service includes sterilisation (if required), rigorous testing for compliance, packaging and despatch.

If you’re looking for innovative and scalable manufacturing solutions and a world class facility, contact Romar today.

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