Four Key Factors That Can Affect Your Manufacturing Timeline

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Detailed planning is central to efficient and highest-quality manufacturing solutions, but there is no one-size-fits-all manufacturing project timeline.

With more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, Romar Engineering has implemented proven and robust processes to ensure our tailored manufacturing solutions are scalable, cost-effective and that they consistently meet regulatory standards.

There are several elements that may impact your project timeline however, and an understanding of these will help ensure you are able to factor in variables for realistic and efficient production schedules.


Design process and approvals

Romar has full capability in design analysis, material selection and design for manufacture.

We frequently partner with designers who are at the concept stage of a new product, and we use a variety of technology and expertise across processes including finite element analysis.

The design and material selections phases may involve multiple modifications to ensure the final design for manufacture meets your project aims, reduces waste and increases production efficiency. It will also eliminate the need for costly product revisions downstream.


Tailored design for manufacture will shorten product development lifecycles, optimise your product design, maintain structural and functional integrity and reduce material, overhead and labour costs to ensure the product’s original concept is maintained. It is essential therefore to allow adequate time for the full design for manufacture process and all required approvals.

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Lead time variability

There are potential risks when dealing with multiple manufacturers for a single project – including miscommunication, flow on delays and high capability variance. Each of these issues will ultimately affect your manufacturing timeline – and your project costs.

Romar has been providing manufacturing solutions for decades and we have the capability to provide complete turnkey manufacturing. By providing end-to-end manufacturing solutions, we can help negate potential project risks stemming from dealing with multiple providers.


By coordinating your entire manufacturing process, we enable a single point of contact for quoting, invoicing and scheduling, and very importantly, ensure seamless production from analysis through prototyping, testing, manufacturing, logistics and distribution.

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Materials supply and stock levels

At Romar, we call on our diverse manufacturing capability including additive manufacturing, elastomers, clean room manufacturing, micromolding and silicone products for our tailored material selection process. We incorporate planning and logistics into every project at the earliest stages to ensure we will have the materials at hand for your project.

While we work with trusted suppliers to minimise any potential issues, materials supply may be impacted by issues such as shipping delays, raw materials shortages or even natural disasters.

To reduce these risks, we regularly monitor supply and inventory and respond quickly to potential stock issues. As a turnkey manufacturer, we shorten the supply chain from materials provider to manufacturer to distributor, enabling a more cost-effective and efficient production and distribution schedule.

Project complexity

At Romar, we don’t manufacture products. We analyse, design for manufacture, optimise and deliver manufacturing solutions for clients across diverse industry sectors.

Project complexity is a major determinant of your manufacturing timeline. It is imperative to consider the stage you are at now (concept or final CAD design for instance) and variables including production run size and additional testing and approvals required for highly regulated industries including aerospace, mining, medical and defence.


Regardless of manufacturing type or production run size, we incorporate full testing and implement quality assurance principles to maintain industry ISO certifications and ensure optimal quality for every manufacturing project.

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Quality manufacturing solutions

Romar is a leader in Australian manufacturing with technology, facilities and team capability unique in this country.

We work with every customer to ensure you have a holistic manufacturing solution that fits your project aims – and that you have a realistic and efficient project timeline.

Please contact us if you have a project ready for a comprehensive and expert manufacturing solution.