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Mario Bosnjak


With Romar Engineering since early 2022, Mario Bosnjak is an Advanced Manufacturing Test Engineer. His role involves testing and validation to ensure our manufactured components meet all required national and global specifications.

“My job involves writing test plans, developing test procedures, conducting the test rig, performing the test, and gathering and analysing data. I’m involved in qualification testing to verify designs, and acceptance testing to verify workmanship – and ensure that our manufacturing meets required standards, including SMC-S-016 (a U.S. aerospace standard for launch, upper space and test vehicles).”

Mario comes to Romar with long-standing experience in software development and testing, in both the automotive and medical device industries.

“I did a Bachelor of Mechatronics and then spent seven years in the auto industry. I initially worked in transmission testing and instrumentation, before shifting focus to software design, development and testing of ECU (electronic control units). The automotive industry isn’t strong in Australia, so that work eventually ran out, and that’s when I dabbled in other sectors.”

Among his roles, Mario was Control Engineer for a medical manufacturer specialising in packaging sterilisation, where he managed company facilities. Now at Romar, he is utilising his expertise for our aerospace manufacturing clients.

“It’s engaging work, and I love that we’re making meaningful change and working on something tangible. I’m testing components that might soon be flown in a rocket, for instance. It’s one reason that I decided to study mechatronics rather than pure software programming. Mechatronics bridges the gap between the software and the physical world.

I like problem-solving and finding that ‘a ha!’ moment,” he adds. “As a test engineer, you’re refining protocols and trying to find a better way to do things. Having that mechatronics and automotive background, I have a fascination with how things work and in making things more efficient.”

Mario’s interest in a challenge extends from aerospace manufacturing testing to video gaming… to animal welfare. “My wife and I have pets and we also foster kittens, and they come in all personalities – from the timid to the cuddly to the aggressive,” he laughs.

Mario appreciates the opportunities that working with Romar brings, and he is looking forward to growing with the company.

“It’s a great team here and my manager, Steve (Milanoski), has that leadership quality. He promotes having a work-life balance, and at the same time he pushes you in different directions and gives you a degree of trust, and you don’t want to abuse that.

Today I’m doing cryogenic testing for the first time,” he says. “I really love that I’m continually learning. I enjoy the personal growth, and I’m looking forward to seeing Romar become a major player in the aerospace sector.”

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