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Romar is an industry leader in the highly specialised field of micromoulding and custom crafts moulded components with ultra-precision in our world-class micromoulding facilities in Sydney and Singapore.

Micromoulding involves producing extraordinarily small parts with extreme precision. The micromoulded parts we manufacture are commonly measured in microns.

We also produce small sized parts with micro features, or mould in and around existing components.

Micro Molding

It starts with the tooling

The ability to mould tiny plastic or silicone parts with extreme accuracy is a specialist field and takes a particular skill set from the beginning.

The tooling needs to be ultra-precise.

‘It’s all about how you build the tool to build the part.’ ~ Alan Lipman, CEO Romar

Our reputation for being the best micromoulding facility in Australia and the Asia region is growing rapidly.

5 Start Review

Our customers appreciate:

  • consistent, repeatable production quality
  • scalable volumes, from prototypes to millions of parts
  • efficiencies that lead to affordable pricing
  • decades of experience and expertise
  • unparalleled industry longevity

If you’re ready to collaborate with a team that understands the precise requirements of precision moulding and micromoulding, let Romar provide you with an innovative, end-to-end design and manufacturing solution. Contact Romar today.

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