Advanced Manufacturing Solutions for Australian Mining

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With over 50 years’ experience, Romar is at the forefront of Australian manufacturing. We provide tailored and commercially-robust advanced manufacturing solutions for sectors including mining, aerospace and defence.

We have a diverse team of experts, including engineers and materials scientists… and our advanced manufacturing capability is recognised globally.

While the mining sector is slowly embracing new technologies including drones and autonomous vehicles, additive manufacturing is still largely untapped… and it’s an area with perhaps the strongest potential for the sector.

Innovation for the future of mining

The CSIRO has identified the critical importance of innovation for mining and manufacturing to remain productive, competitive and sustainable. It recognises that advanced manufacturing in terms of new technologies and resource strategies holds huge potential for increased efficiency across the minerals value chain.

Advanced manufacturing is about innovative and transformative technologies. This includes information technologies and process technologies such as digitisation and automation, plus additive technology, or 3D printing.

Romar has robust and singular additive capability thanks to our world-leading additive engineers and a piece of technology that exists nowhere else in Australia, and in only two other commercial settings globally – the DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine.

This capability allows us to provide something very unique for the mining industry.

Lasertec technology integration

Romar’s singular additive capability

The Lasertec 65 is central to our additive manufacturing. It’s a state-of-the-art 3D printer with unique hybrid capability and extensive features that allow for efficient, effective and smart manufacturing solutions.

Key features of the Lasertec 65 include a larger build size than other 3D printers, higher deposition rates than a powder bed based system, the ability to produce complex 3D geometries up to 600mm diameter and the capacity to create metal blends or add metal to existing metal parts.

Applications include rapid prototyping and the engineering of scalable, complex components that meet stringent performance and compliance requirements. This gives our customers enormous flexibility for fast-response production of high-quality components.

Additive benefits for the mining industry

There is another facet to the Lasertec that is pertinent for the mining industry – the capacity to repair, renew or replace existing parts.

It is common within the mining industry for companies to discard parts once they fail. We can use the Lasertec to repair failed parts or to create a working copy, quickly and cost-effectively, with every component optimised for heightened performance. Parts are also usable immediately without modification or treatment.

This fast and flexible production directly correlates to reduced stock and storage requirements, plus decreased downtime for maintenance. It minimises downstream disruption and maximises long-term budget efficiency.

Man Working at his computer

Expertise and all-round capability

Romar provides exceptional advanced manufacturing thanks to this technology and a world-class team with niche expertise across additive design and manufacturing, elastomers, silicone and clean room manufacturing.

By remaining open to the potential of transformation technologies and aligning them with award-winning manufacturing capability, we deliver bespoke manufacturing solutions that are innovative, industry compliant and ultimately, very effective.

If you’re looking to make advances in the mining sector for long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss further.

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