Manufacturing Engineer

Morgan Wagner assists Manufacturing Manager, Rita Nicolas, with multiple aspects of manufacturing production including logistics, deadlines and key performance indicators. He also helps look for ways to improve and streamline manufacturing processes

Morgan is one of Romar Engineering’s newest recruits, but he is not entirely new to the organisation. He first came to us as an intern whilst in the final stages of a Degree of Engineering and Science at Macquarie University in Sydney. His internship lasted for 12 weeks in 2018 and 2019, during which time he worked both with Rita, and with Carlo Cartini, leading materials engineer and Romar’s Director of Technical Development.

“My majors were in mechanical engineering and human biology and I found Romar while looking for biomedical companies because of the biology aspect of my studies,” he explains.

Morgan made an impression during his internship, so much so that Alan Lipman, CEO, was quick to offer him a role after graduation. For Morgan, the chance to be back at Romar in a full-time position was a chance he couldn’t miss.

“Alan called me and offered me a role and I really appreciate that he reached out.

I thought about it over the weekend after his call but there really wasn’t a huge amount of consideration. Having the chance to be working in biomedical and for a company like Romar so soon after graduating is terrific.”

For Morgan, Romar’s appeal lies not just in our expansive capability across medical, materials and advanced manufacturing, but in the opportunities unique to smaller manufacturers. “On one hand, it gives you access to different expertise, and on the other, you have more of a chance to make a direct contribution and do something meaningful.”

“The thing I’m most enjoying about the company is working with different people to help make this company better. I like that engineering is about working with people to try and solve a problem, and I really enjoy how team oriented the company is.”



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