Nanopatch Needle-Free Vaccinations

The Future of Vaccinations is Needle-Free thanks to “Nanopatch” by Vaxxas

Needle-Free Vaccinations

Needle-Free Vaccinations

A new patch, smaller than a postage stamp, is a game changer in vaccinations.

Nanopatch gives people across the globe access to safe, effective and needle-free vaccinations.

The tiny patch is covered in vaccine-coated microscopic projections and inserted under the skin painlessly using an applicator. And it was created right here in Australia…

Professor Mark Kendall is the creator of Nanopatch and founder of the company Vaxxas. He used his background in aerodynamics to create a ‘gene gun’. His idea was to fire a vaccine directly into the skin. This may sound scary however it is highly effective.

The Benefits of Nanopatch over Traditional Needles

  1. Improved Immunogenicity – Nanopatch provides an improved immune response with delivery directly to the skin through a special applicator. Instead of injecting deep into the muscle where there are fewer immune cells it administers vaccines to the skin.
  2. No Cold Chain – The Nanopatch is dry and does not require refrigeration. This means the distribution of vaccines to developing countries is easier.
  3. Needle-Free – 10% of the population have a needle phobia. Needlestick injuries are common and can lead to the transmission of infectious diseases.
  4. Pain-Free – The vaccine is delivered directly to the immune cells just below the skin where there a no nerve endings and therefore pain-free for recipients.
  5. Cost Effective – High volume and low-cost manufacture of Nanopatch means it can be distributed worldwide in a more cost-effective way than traditional vaccines.
Hands with gloves putting the Nanopatch together

Patch Design and Manufacture

Romar’s involvement in developing the Nanopatch started 5 years ago at the conception stage. They were instrumental in helping to design and manufacture the tiny 1cm² silicone ‘patch’ used in Nanopatch.

Vaxxas designed the silicone patch to allow the vaccine to coat it uniformly and consistently. The coatings must be stable at ambient temperature and strong enough to remain intact when inserted through the outer skin layer.

Woman in the lab wearing mask

Experts in Silicone Micromoulding

Silicone micromoulded components are increasingly used in medical devices with high precision requirements – just like Nanopatch.

New technology allows for precise manufacturing of silicone parts weighing just a few milligrams.

Romar’s successful development of the silicone ‘patch’ used in Nanopatch relied on our expertise in the highly specialised field of micromoulding.

We can design and manufacture custom moulded components with ultra-precision in our world-class micromoulding facilities in Sydney and Singapore.

Our reputation for being the leading micromoulding facility in Australia and the Asia region is growing rapidly. We work with several other companies to create specialised medical devices, read about them here.

If you’re ready to collaborate with a team that understands the precise requirements of precision moulding and micromoulding, let Romar provide you with an innovative, end-to-end design and manufacturing solution. Contact Romar today.


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