Pathway Innovations Inc.

Late stage development, early stage manufacturing

Late stage development, early stage manufacturing

Pathway Innovations Inc (Pathway) is a growing privately-held service provider bringing new medical devices to life.

The team at Pathway guides inventors through the entire development process.

They aim to accelerate new medical devices to market by ‘trimming the fat’ from the traditional design firm experience.

The process starts with planning and proof of concept; followed by design and development; then regulatory approvals and finally partnering with a commercial manufacturer.

This final step is where Romar comes in. Pathway consistently recommends Romar as their preferred partner for silicone product manufacture.

A Strategic Relationship based on Our Silicone Expertise

A Strategic Relationship based on Our Silicone Expertise

Pathway is a key partner for Romar in the medical device space.

Our expertise in silicone and plastics manufacturing allows us to work with them on many life-saving devices.

An example of such a device is Q-Flo, designed by US company Innfusion Innovations.

Q-Flo is a valved connector which prevents spillage of important medicines in hospitals, usually from a syringe. It minimises the healthcare workers’ risk of exposure to toxic chemicals.


Innfusion Innovations worked with Pathway to bring this product to market.

When it came to finding the right partner for commercial manufacture, Pathway recommended Romar.

They needed a partner with experience in the medical device space and expertise in silicone manufacture.

Ideally, a firm who really believed in this life-saving product.

After interviewing over twenty manufacturers in US and Europe, they finally spoke to Romar.

They talked, Romar listened…a new relationship blossomed.

The Future Looks Bright

The Future Looks Bright

Our key contact at Pathway, David Stroup, continues to bring Romar silicone and plastics work from clients who are ready to manufacture.

These clients have completed the development process with Pathway and now rely on Romar to manufacture and deliver their product to market.

Clients trust us to manufacture their products to a consistently high standard. Our case studies speak for themselves. The relationship is reciprocal.

Romar often refers Pathway to product designers from all around the world. We trust that Pathway will guide them expertly through the development process.

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