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Polynet are leaders in the production of rubber and plastic products in the automotive, electronic appliances and medical industries.  


Their raw materials include synthetic rubber, natural rubber, chemicals used in the rubber industry, plastic resins and more.

Romar’s partnership with Polynet is exciting and innovative, and we will be working together in the medical device space, utilising their sophisticated and extensive manufacturing facilities including a Class 6 clean room.

Polynet are working on medical solutions including;

  • medical polymer compounding
  • liquid silicone injection
  • silicone extrusion, silicone injection
  • plastic injection
  • chlorobutyl, bromobutyl transfer moulding
polynet products

And working together to design and produce:

  • soothers (pacifiers)
  • silicone kidney cushions
  • silicone sleeves
  • valves
  • silicone tubing


The Polynet Class 6 clean room facility is world class.

  • ISO 9001 certified and implementing ISO 13485
  • Compliant and reliable services with international medical device leaders
  • Material resources and manufacturing with cost effective, quality products.
  • High efficiency with a long-term experienced engineering team

Polynet’s vision is to break through every obstacle in the rubber industry to become a leader internationally – and they are taking big strides by partnering with us.  Their  continued focus on research and development will increase their competitiveness in today’s ever-changing business environment.


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