Product Owners

Are you a product provider, and experiencing manufacturing difficulties offshore or locally?

If you’re disappointed by the results you are achieving from manufacturing overseas, then you’re not alone.

It’s a story the manufacturing experts at Romar hear daily.

‘The first manufacturing sample was perfect.. but the rest don’t look or perform like that first one.’

And, while many product owners have manufacturing difficulties offshore, they can also experience problems domestically. Romar’s experience allows us to solve manufacturing problems others can’t.

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Partner with manufacturing experts who deliver consistency...every time

The team at Romar includes some of the brightest engineering minds in the country.

With unparalleled manufacturing capabilities, Romar uses a consistent, results driven approach to the delivery of your product.

Our clients benefit from the combined knowledge of our team of highly-skilled engineers and materials experts who have yet to meet a manufacturing problem they couldn’t solve.

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Is manufacturing overseas costing you money?

Product owners typically contact Romar when they find that manufacturing overseas starts to cause them problems…

The most common problems we see are:

  • Inconsistencies in product quality and performance
  • Flashing, excess material and other imperfections
  • High reject rate
  • Declining quality over time
  • Rising costs and decreasing customer satisfaction

Other factors like unstable currency conversion rates, shipping costs and poor communication can also lead to budget blowouts.

Romar are committed to consistent quality and the very best value

Romar reduce costs by making sure the product is manufactured perfectly every time, reducing handling and cycle time and increasing profitability.

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Romar’s expertise means you’ll enjoy;

  • Reduced cycle times
  • Reduced reject rates
  • Reduced handling blowouts
  • Effective, competent communication
  • Increased efficiency
  • Consistent high quality

How do Romar find the right solution?

There are a number of ways our manufacturing experts use their expertise to increase quality and reduce cost.

Two engineers modifying tools

Modify the tool

Modifying the tool in the right way can significantly improve productivity and reduce cycle times.

We look at the type of equipment the tool is running on.

We make modifications such as adding cold runner blocks, robotics, sprue grooves or other material pathway adjustments.

Material Selection

Years of experience allows us to understand the best materials for a particular product or function. Often the best material is not a standard one.

We have worked across many industries over the years.

Chances are we have worked with a similar product to yours.

This industry knowledge allows us to pick the best material for your particular product.

Man inspecting the machine

Fine tune and modify design

If necessary the team at Romar can fine tune…

…and modify the design to improve manufacturability and cost effectiveness.

Running mold flow analysis and modifying things like wall thickness and corner contour can reduce difficulties in manufacture and deliver a much reduced cycle time.

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Local or Offshore Manufacture?

At Romar we have world class facilities on-site at our head office in Sydney including a class 8 clean room.

We also have a number of manufacturing partners in Australia and overseas.

The final choice of where to manufacture your product will depend on a number of factors such as availability of materials, run size, skill location and distribution logistics.

Manufacturing overseas is sometimes a very good option…

…if it makes commercial sense to manufacture in China, we use our trusted partners.

Our expertise enables us to make the right decision, retain control, manage risk and guarantee our design partners a consistent high quality product.

We are ready to partner with you because we care about delivering a superb product, as much as you do.

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