Quality Assurance in Manufacturing

Quality Assurance through Material Selection

Romar Engineering has a world class team of mechanical, bio-medical, electrical, design and process engineers within our offices and facilities in Sydney and Singapore.

Years of experience in manufacturing allow us to quickly understand a client’s product to assess why they may or may not be functioning successfully.

This process may involve us discussing the materials you are already using and what may be an effective replacement. Especially if you have been using overseas material suppliers.

After this analysis, Romar will only suggest a material when we can be certain of its performance with your product over the long term. Quality assurance is a top priority for us, ensuring your product delivers to a high standard time and time again.

Testing to Ensure Quality

Testing to Ensure Quality

Here at Romar we have testing equipment and facilities that allows us to ensure that our raw material feed stocks meet the specifications required.

Our testing and release procedures are so stringent that they won’t let us use products outside the specifications we set.

All testing and quality assurance is completed in house at Romar, meaning we have control over the end product to ensure it delivers for our clients over the long term.

Our Skillset

Romar have a number of teams to cover all your manufacturing needs and ensure a quality outcome.

Our Skillsets

These include:

  • Materials selection – ensuring our client choose the best materials for their product
  • Engineering – problem solving to achieve manufacturing success for our clients
  • Production management – we are always looking for new processes to discuss and develop
  • One-off engineering – our complete and scalable solutions will bring your idea to life and make it commercially viable.
  • Design and Development – extensive planning in the design phase to ensure a product is created in the most efficient way possible.

Learn more about material selection for commercial manufacturing at Romar Engineering.


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