Raymon JeyaSekar


A materials engineer by day and a lead guitarist by night. Raymon JeyaSekar is the newest addition to our Technical Development team at Romar.

“The use of materials in everyday life has always interested me. My favourite example is Graphene because it has the ability to change the entire human civilisation.”

Graphene is a unique material. A single layer of carbon atoms, tightly bound in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. It is the thinnest material known to man at one atom thick and super strong at 200 times stronger than steel! We might see this material used in touchscreens, computers and batteries of the future. Stay tuned…

Raymon was part of Romar’s internship program back in 2016/17, whilst he completed his Masters in Materials Engineering at Wollongong University. He enjoyed this 12-week experience so much that he returned to Romar in 2018 in the Quality and Testing Team.

In March 2019, Raymon moved into the Technical Development team. He works closely with materials scientist, Daniel Sprod and Carlo Cartini, Director of Technical Development.

“It’s a very positive team environment. Carlo is really knowledgeable and always explains products well. Daniel is great mentor”

On a daily basis, Raymon works on exciting new projects at Romar. He uses his knowledge and experience to work out the best materials for a new product. Romar is known as the best in the business for material selection. Choosing the right material is vital for a product’s success.

In his spare time, Raymon loves to play the guitar. He is the lead guitarist in a band on the weekend. You may also find him fishing, surfing or cooking.

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