Romar is now a registered research service provider for the Australian manufacturing sector

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Romar is now a registered research service provider for the Australian manufacturing sector RSP No: RSP000010. Research service providers (RSPs) form part of a specialist organisation under the remit of the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. This inclusion as an RSP is testament to Romar’s expertise, skill level, resources and commitment to innovation within the Australian manufacturing sector.

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What does Romar’s registration as an RSP mean for our clients?

Romar is now part of a select group of industry specialists that are able to help you access expertise, resources and top-tier capability to conduct your research and development.

When you collaborate with Romar under the RSP scheme, we are able to provide specialist resources, including access to our team and/or infrastructure you need to conduct a level of R&D that will advance your project forward.

Additionally, you may be able to claim the tax offset for expenditure paid to Romar to conduct your eligible R&D activities. This includes claims less than the usual expenditure threshold of AU$20,000 in an income year.

As a registered RSP, Romar has successfully met a set of specific criteria. RSPs must have the capacity to provide research services in the fields of research for which they are registered. This is an intensive due diligence process to ensure the research and development can be undertaken professionally to meet successful outcomes. Access to qualified team members, facilities and equipment and pricing structures are several key performance indicators within the selection process.

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Romar is the way forward for research and development projects

As one of Australia’s leading manufacturing businesses, Romar is continually involved in the R&D process for many of our clients. Our portfolio of customers extends from medical devices to aviation, space exploration, defence, industrial, rail and mining. Romar has an international reputation in the manufacturing fields of silicones, elastomers, precision molding, advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and clean room manufacturing.

When you are ready to apply for R&D assistance, speak to Australia’s foremost team and experience the next level of professionalism and manufacturing expertise.

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