Why Romar is Your Ideal Partner for Advanced Manufacturing

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Advanced manufacturing is central to the future of smart, strategic and globally competitive Australian industries.

As sectors including aerospace continue to boom, and leading global players including Boeing, BAE Systems and Siemens establish more local operations, it’s clear that there is great potential for those Australian manufacturers that embrace cutting-edge technology and processes.

Romar has been a leader in Australian manufacturing for over five decades, and our advanced manufacturing capability is unique to the Southern Hemisphere. Technology is just one strand of high-quality and effective manufacturing, however.

Here’s what else makes Romar your ideal partner for innovative and effective advanced manufacturing solutions.

Lasertec technology integration

Singular technology

Romar holds a key piece of technology that operates in only two other commercial settings globally.

The Lasertec 65 is a state-of-the-art 3D printer with unique hybrid capability and extensive features that allow for rapid prototyping and the engineering of scalable, complex components in stringently regulated industries such as aerospace, mining and defence.

With the Lasertec 65 we can create metal blends, add metal to existing metal parts, build with a much higher deposition rate than other 3D printers and produce complex 3D geometries up to 600mm diameter.

We can create monolithic, multi-material metal structures that can be machined and inspected in a single set-up, and we can repair, renew and optimise existing parts, including turbine casings and blades, guide vanes, impellers, propellers and blisks.

We provide tailored manufacturing with full flexibility to find the best solution for clients, ranging from start-ups to leading global players.

Materials expertise

Advanced materials are a key part of advanced manufacturing. Material selection is crucial for a successful prototype – and for effective and scalable metal manufacturing outcomes.

Romar has full capability in diverse materials manufacturing including silicone, elastomers, steel and metal blends. We will recommend best material options based on function, durability, aesthetics, budget, regulatory requirements – and consistency of performance.

We work with premium brands for premium results, and we have the capability to build customised, complex components that are resistant to wear, extreme environments or other specific product considerations.

Rocket liftoff

World-class engineering

Advanced manufacturing requires niche expertise. Our Head of Advanced Manufacturing, Steve Milanoski, was previously with the additive manufacturing team at SpaceX. He worked on the design of rocket engine valves and components. He designed the first ever additive manufactured part that flew in space.

At Romar, Steve works alongside an expert team of materials, manufacturing and biomedical engineers. Our engineering team collaborates to design the optimal manufacturing solution for every client project.

With longstanding experience across multiple manufacturing processes, we also manufacture with the highest quality assurance and quality control systems to consistently deliver high-performance parts and components.

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Innovation and collaboration

Romar has continually committed to transformative technology and innovation to ensure we provide first-class Australian manufacturing now and well beyond 2020.

We’re working alongside research and industry bodies including the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL), research support network ANSTO, and the CSIRO’s Lab 22, an innovation centre for metallic additive manufacturing.

By building positive collaborations with these organisations and like-minded advanced manufacturers, we’re leveraging our unique additive manufacturing technology for the benefit of Australian customers looking for enhanced performance and globally competitive manufacturing solutions.

Contact us to discover the potential of first-class advanced manufacturing for your project.

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