Building a Global Romar Presence – with Brilliant Digital

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With over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing and world-leading facilities and expertise, Romar excels at scalable and commercially viable manufacturing solutions.

We utilise advanced technology to help us deliver exceptional and innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges… and we embrace digital marketing for efficient and effective business growth.

As part of our commitment to clear and consistent marketing, we’ve been working with our preferred digital marketing provider, Brilliant Digital, who continues to help us deliver engaging content to connect with potential customers nationally and internationally.

“We’ve been working with Brilliant Digital to develop our website as our business expands,” explains Alan Lipman, Romar CEO, “and we will continue to prioritise our marketing strategy for optimum business growth.”

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The Brilliant Digital solution

Romar launched a new website in 2017, designed, programmed and written by Brilliant Digital, a company that takes a holistic approach to marketing and delivers a complete website and digital marketing solution.

Brilliant Digital has an expansive team of website designers, developers, writers, SEO specialists and digital strategists who together create an integrated marketing plan that includes websites, blogs, advertising, social media and bespoke material as needed.

By providing an end-to-end marketing solution that continues long after a website goes live, it helps businesses with ongoing targeted strategies across changing industry conditions.

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Building Romar with Brilliant Digital

Alan believes quality and considered marketing is critical for any business. “We have a complex business at Romar, with customers in different parts of the world. When I joined the company, we didn’t have a sales or marketing effort and I knew this had to change. We needed a marketing resource that would be working for us all the time.

The choice I had to make was whether to invest in a sales person, or invest in the website and a company to market for me 24 hours a day. I felt confident that the latter was the right leap to take.”

We recently looked to Brilliant Digital to once more work on our website – this time to create additional content as we focus on future directions and move into specialist advanced manufacturing.

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Moving into advanced manufacturing

Romar is firmly established as an industry leader in specialist areas including medical device manufacture, micromolding, elastomers and silicone manufacturing. With additional investment in technology and expertise over the last few years, we now offer something else – key capability in advanced manufacturing.

“Currently around 65% of our business is with the manufacture of medical devices,” explains Alan. “In recent years we’ve built up huge knowledge and capability in advanced manufacturing for industrial sectors. We have a lot of strength in this area, and we are firmly positioned to develop in diverse sectors in coming years.”

With world-leading expertise and equipment – including one of only two or three Lasertec 65 3D printers in commercial settings globally – Romar now has full and unique capability in the development, prototyping, testing and manufacture of superior quality parts… plus the ability to repair, renew and replace existing machinery. This has enormous potential for sectors including mining, aerospace and defence.

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Delivering the message

Building expertise is key to becoming a leader in any sector – and marketing is crucial to ensure you are visible in a global marketplace.

Alan Lipman, Romar’s CEO, believes ongoing marketing strategies are vital for every business. “Websites are important but only as useful as the information they contain. You have to realise that building a website and then marketing it go hand in hand. The only way to grow our business that made sense to me was to make us more accessible to that global market. Since we’ve worked with Brilliant Digital, we’ve had significant increases in business enquiries… and in the quality of enquiries.”

Romar will continue to provide exceptional solutions in areas including medical device manufacturing and elastomers. Thanks to additional investment in capability, we are ready to move forward with advanced, innovative and globally-leading industrial manufacturing.

Contact us to be part of the journey and discover innovative and flexible solutions for manufacturing challenges in the aerospace, defence, mining or medical fields.