Future Directions for Romar

Romar excels at scalable and commercially viable manufacturing solutions, and we have been an industry leader in medical device manufacture for many years.

Thanks to additional investment in technology and expertise over the past few years, we now offer something else – key capability in advanced manufacturing – which will impact our future direction in several ways.

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“Currently, around 65% of our business is with the manufacture of medical devices,” says Alan Lipman, Romar CEO. “In recent years we’ve built up huge knowledge and capability in advanced manufacturing for industrial sectors. This means we are firmly positioned to develop in diverse sectors over the next few years.”

Romar now has full capability in the development, prototyping, testing and manufacture of superior quality components… plus the ability to repair, renew and replace existing machinery. And this has enormous potential for sectors including mining, aerospace and defence.

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Facilitating growth with enhanced capability

At the heart of our advanced manufacturing capability is a state-of-the-art 3D printer with significant and unique capability – the DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine.

It’s the only one in Australia – and one of only three in commercial settings globally.

With the Lasertec 65, our additive manufacturing capability includes metal-on and metal-off hybrid manufacturing of highly complex components. We can engineer scalable new designs, develop one-off prototypes, or repair, renew and replace existing parts – quickly, cost-effectively and with precision accuracy.

Additional features of the Lasertec 65 include the ability to combine metals or add hard to soft metal, large build size up to 600mm x 600mm x 400mm, quick-build (up to ten times faster than traditional powder bed based systems) and the ability to manufacture parts for immediate use without modification or treatment. For customers, this means increased flexibility for fast-response production of high-quality components.

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…and world-leading expertise

Advanced equipment is only one aspect of our enhanced capability. “Nothing replaces engineering experience,” says Alan.

Romar has over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing, and our team includes biomedical engineers, advanced engineers and materials scientists – with world-leading expertise.

We’re also experts in specialist and complementary manufacturing processes including silicone manufacturing, micromolding, clean room manufacturing, precision molding and elastomers.

We combine our advanced technology and exceptional expertise with proven processes for quality assurance. So, our manufacturing meets the highest quality – for premium client performance.

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Moving with mining

Alan sees potential for our enhanced capability to support specific sectors, including mining. Of particular benefit for the mining sector is the Lasertec’s ability to repair, renew and replace components.

Traditionally, companies discard parts once they fail. The Lasertec 65 gives us the capability to either repair that part or create a working copy, quickly and cost-effectively, while meeting or exceeding the performance of current components.

And we can manufacture prototypes or working components with immediate operation capacity.

This fast and flexible production will have a direct impact on the amount of stock you need to keep on site and reduce downtime for maintenance. Reduced storage and maintenance requirements minimise downstream disruption and maximise cost-effectiveness.

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Potential for aerospace

Our advanced manufacturing has obvious applications for aerospace organisations with fast-build, large-size capability for one-off or scalable production and there is diverse materials potential unique to our production.

Our 3D printer affords us the capability to create monolithic, multi-material metal structures that can be finish machined and inspected all in a single setup. This increase in machine accuracy correlates strongly to component performance, allowing you to push your designs harder for longer.

The aerospace sector is burgeoning in Australia. And Romar is exclusively positioned to deliver exceptional and innovative solutions for diverse aerospace clients

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Delivering for defence

Romar has the expertise, specialist knowledge and globally-orientated vision to deliver prototypes or large-scale metal manufacturing, advanced manufacturing or elastomers for the defence sector.

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes the Lasertec 65, a Class 8 clean room and industry-leading facilities in Sydney and Singapore.

Our engineers and materials experts work together to create seamless end-to-end manufacturing design, prototype and production.

As a leader in premium and flexible advanced manufacturing, we combine exceptional and innovative manufacturing solutions with quality assurance and quality control systems (to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards). We work to premium standards – to deliver exceptional manufacture for defence.

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Moving forward with Romar

Romar is ready to move forward with advanced, innovative and globally-leading industrial manufacturing. And we’d love you to be part of the journey.

As Alan explains, “We’ve invested in the technology and the expertise. We believe the best applications for our strengths are aerospace, mining and defence. And we will continue to provide outstanding solutions for the medical sector.”

Contact us for innovative and flexible solutions for manufacturing challenges in the aerospace, defence, mining or medical fields.