Enhanced Capability and Client Opportunity with Laser 65 Upgrade

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At the heart of Romar’s exceptional manufacturing is an outstanding 3D printer – the DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine. It helps us create scalable and commercially viable manufacturing solutions… with key capability in advanced manufacturing.

We recently upgraded our Lasertec 65 for increased capability in a few key areas. We now have better power focus for enhanced mechanical properties, strengthened metal mixing capacity and increased machine operability.

For our customers, this means even more flexibility and opportunity for innovative and efficient advanced manufacturing solutions.

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Enhanced capability with better powder focus

The Lasertec 65 is designed for high-performance additive manufacturing of metallic 3D-parts. Our latest upgrades provide an even better power focus for its DEDD additive system. Our metal powders cover a range of material types including stainless steel, copper and metal mixed with ceramic.

Improved powder focus allows us to control the geometry to a higher degree – and it gives us enhanced mechanical properties and fewer metallurgical defects.

By using the powder more efficiently, we can create better parts with less powder, reducing overall manufacturing costs.

For clients, this improved powder focus means higher quality, increased scope and improved cost-effectiveness.

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Strengthened metal mixing capacity for superior results

Our recent Lasertec 65 upgrades have strengthened our metal mixing capacity – for improved performance and manufacturing potential.

We can mix two different metals simultaneously – and manufacture our own material combinations.

We have the capacity to create mixed metal parts such as a copper-lined stainless steel component, and by creating our own metal blends we can tailor manufactured products to client requirements for improved part performance.

Benefits of bespoke material mixing include tailored fabrication characteristics such as high strength, wear-resistant and thermally conductive coatings. In addition, we have the ability to repair or coat complex parts like turbine casings and blades, guide vanes, impellers, propellers, multi-material components, tubes and moulds with internal features.

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Increased machine operability for improved performance and profitability

The Lasertec 65 is an advanced 3D printer, made even more efficient with recent upgrades. We can now operate the machine for longer periods, more reliably. In combination with better powder focus and strengthened metal mixing capability, this means we have even greater quality control for superior, strenuously tested and precision-built products that meet the highest standards.

The Lasertec 65 has additional enhanced capability, and one of the most practical is its unique metal-on and metal-off capability of even the most complex components. With additive and subtractive technology, we can engineer creative new designs – or repair, renew and replace existing parts, quickly and cost-effectively.

Critically, this machine has the capability to enhance time, quality and cost factors. Faster production, higher quality and reduced cost have direct implication for customer efficiency – and profitability.

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Advanced Manufacturing with Romar

Romar has long standing expertise in manufacturing, and a diverse engineering and specialist team who are leaders in their fields. With the Lasertec 65, the only true 5-axis/DED hybrid machine in the southern hemisphere – and only one of three in commercial settings globally – Romar also has unique capability.

Whilst global commercial applications for the Lasertec 65 have been limited to a tailored corporation focus such as specific components, we can fully leverage the capacity of the machine for diverse applications such as hard facing for mining or quick turnaround R&D parts. We can also collaborate closer with DMG MORI, Lasertec’s developer, to determine material process parameters and advanced engineering applications.

Romar works across specialist areas including the manufacturing of medical device manufacturing and silicone manufacturing – and we now have full capacity to provide advanced manufacturing and industrial manufacturing solutions for the defence, aerospace and mining sectors.

For world-leading advanced manufacturing – and a competitive edge for your business or product – contact us today.