Leading Manufacturing with the Leitz PMM

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Romar is a leader in advanced, industrial and medical device manufacturing for industries across the globe. We provide tailored and commercially viable solutions with an expert team, exceptional facilities and precision technology, including our Leitz PMM (precision measuring machine).

The Leitz PMM is a highly accurate coordinate measuring machine (CMM) which as Steve Milanoski, Head of Advanced Manufacturing explains, plays a key role in providing accurate measuring data for the manufacturing process.

“We can’t have a failure due to something being the wrong size. The machine determines minute deviations in roundness or position for instance, so it’s fundamental to what we do at Romar.”

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PMM for precision accuracy

The Leitz PMM is a fixed bridge/moving table CMM that measures the physical geometrical properties of an object.

It features ultra-high accuracy and exceptional machine dynamics, so it’s also fast and flexible for increased output.

High precision accuracy is critical for quality assurance. “You can inspect any part with micron accuracy, so it’s essential as a third-party verification tool,” says Steve.

“It used to be that part inspection was done by hand using tools such as gauges and pins. This machine approaches it from a smarter perspective and helps streamline operations. If we’re making 30 parts for instance, we can get a detailed inspection report very easily with the Leitz.”

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Applications at Romar

Romar uses the Leitz machine primarily to inspect complex parts such as critical flight components or parts that are not single fault tolerant.

“For parts less critical, we typically do a first article inspection report in production,” explains Steve.

“The first part you make goes through a lot of scrutiny, with precision inspection often being the most critical section of a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR). Romar offers FAIRs complete with precision inspection, calibration data, traceability of parts into assembly and non-destructive testing.”

The Leitz is ideal for inspection reports but does have other applications.

“We could use it for one off investigations of part failures for accurate root analysis and recovery, as well as reverse engineering of critical legacy parts from inactive or defunct suppliers,” Steve advises.

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The Romar advantage

The Leitz PMM can measure any critical assembly within the machine’s prescribed sizing envelope, and for Romar, it’s particularly suitable for precision manufacturing solutions across sectors including aerospace, defence, oil and gas, and mining.

The machine is part of Romar’s extensive in-house capability, allowing us full management of every aspect of the manufacturing process – thereby providing a tight feedback loop during production.

“We can use it in tandem with our Lasertec 65 3D printer or even offer it as a service to other additive manufacturing platforms, for instance,” explains Steve. “Parts that come out of a 3D printer may have a very slight distortion due to cooling. We can take that part, measure it on the Leitz and get immediate results to compare to the original data.”

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Moving forward with Romar

Romar continuously upgrades software and components to keep the Leitz PMM as fast and accurate as anything currently available on the market. It’s just one part of our expansive in-house capability that has fantastic potential for Romar customers.

“Rapid response in precision inspection allows us to maximise the cost-quality-lead time triangle for our customers. We can operate faster, more precisely and at lower cost with this capability,” advises Steve.

With 50 years’ experience in manufacturing and a leading team and facilities, Romar provides award-winning scalable and commercially viable manufacturing solutions.

Contact us if you’d like to take advantage of our capability for superior and seamless advanced, industrial, medical device or silicone manufacturing solutions.