A Business Built from the Ground Up

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Innovative and forward thinking founders

Romar founders Robert & Marion Wilson had a dream…

…to build a toolmaking and engineering business servicing the automotive and industrial trade across the US, European and Asian markets.

50 years ago in 1968, ROMAR became a registered company. It continues to grow and evolve to this day.

Today we are leaders in medical device manufacture using silicone and plastic moulding.

We also have several industry-leading clean rooms and the brightest engineering minds in the country.

Neil Wilson

Neil Wilson - Toolmaker turned engineer

Robert and Marion’s son, Neil, was destined to join the family business.

In 1970, Robert told his son ‘go away and learn something of value…’ . So he did – returning to the family business in 1977 after a six year cadetship and honours degree in mechanical engineering.

‘We both realised that my father gave the business life, but my engineering degree meant that I gave the business a future.’

Upon his return Robert ran the commercial side of the business, and Neil came in as a toolmaker. Then they swapped roles. Neil overseas the business to this day.

Two man smiling

The values that drive us

Romar is still the family business it was back in 1968. The values of teamwork, loyalty and success still drive us from the top down.

Our employees are proud of the Romar name and even love wearing the Romar t-shirt to work everyday.

Alan Lipman, Romar’s CEO, instills empathy and teamwork into all his employees.

‘We’re pretty compatible. We operate in a harmonious and cooperative way. It’s my job to build a solid team structure and to do that you have to not only get everybody on board, but you also need to manage them as individuals. That’s a challenge I really enjoy.’

Two young engineers

Young engineers = our future

Romar invests in young engineers, including offering internships during university.

We see our young engineers as the future of our company and an important investment.

‘Seeing the younger people perform to their capabilities and seeing the business benefit from the younger engineers and what they contribute is immensely satisfying.’ – Neil Wilson

Sean Emery and Rita Nicholas

Rita Nicolas joined Romar as an intern straight out of University…and she’s still here to this day as Operations Manager. She ensures all our products reach clients on time and to the highest standards.

“The culture at Romar is very good. We are all quite friendly chilled out people. It’s very tight knit, everyone just tried to help everyone else out. It doesn’t matter what your role is, if someone needs a hand you just do it.”

Sean Emery is another talented young engineer. He works at Romar whilst completing his degree in mechanical engineering at UNSW.

‘Romar is a great learning experience for me as we do everything from initial design all the way through to final output.’

If you are a product designer or a product owner, contact Romar today to see how we can help offer scalable manufacturing solutions.