Romar Is Scaling Its Manufacturing Capability Through Machinery Investment and Warehousing

Metalworking CNC lathe milling machine

2022 is shaping up as a pivotal year for Romar. Manufacturing markets are often fluid, and it is the strategic decisions made by Romar over the past few years that are beginning to bear fruit.

With a renewed confidence in Australian manufacturing capability and the progression of cutting edge technologies, especially in the advanced manufacturing and additive manufacturing space, Romar has set a clear path forward for growth, stability and scaling manufacturing capability across all manufacturing touchpoints.

DMG MORI NLX 2500 SY/700 CNC LATHE product

DMG Mori NLX 2500 SY/700 CNC lathe

This month Romar has taken delivery of the state of art DMG Mori NLX 2500 Sy/700 lathe with CNC technology. This high-performance piece of machinery can work as a turning machine and a milling machine, with a high-powered turret and multiple spindles creating elevated levels of flexibility and enhanced turnaround times.

The full automation capability enables Romar to produce ‘high-mix-short-volume’ (HMLV) production as well as large run requirements with enhanced speed and accuracy.

Group of boxes in storehouse

Warehousing and stock inventory management

Outgrowing existing facilities is always a good problem to have; however, solving that problem effectively is often the challenge. Romar has recently acquired a new warehousing space within proximity to our manufacturing hub. This additional space enables us to relocate material stocks and substantially increase our stock inventory, proving highly valuable and reliable to our customers with the ongoing issues affecting supply chains.

Further, the new warehousing arrangement has opened space within our manufacturing hub for additional manufacturing capacity. Adding advanced machinery, research and development opportunities and moving the business forward in lean manufacturing techniques will create significant advantages for our customer base.

high level of confidence concept, knob.

Our customers have the confidence in Romar’s reliability, capability and longevity

Customer confidence is a highly valued commodity. Confidence in their own businesses translates into confidence in their suppliers, manufacturers and distribution channels. Romar has built confidence with our customers on the back of developed relationships.

Working closely with our customers to understand their businesses, challenges and ambitions is an essential component of ensuring they succeed. It is their success that directly impacts our own.

We take the time to work in partnership and many of our customers have been long-term advocates. This year Romar received an order from an existing customer in the vicinity of AU$4m. The order is based on the forecasted products for 2023. It is this level of confidence in the customer’s projections and their confidence in Romar that fortifies our strategic direction in expanding our suite of high-performance manufacturing machinery and the commitment to invest in greater warehousing capabilities.

We understand that our customers are in the business of risk, and successfully managing risk is part of quality governance. Romar continues to respond to the market needs and to back our customers and our people whose passion and skills are part of our risk management strategy.

As we move into the second half of 2022, Romar has a number of developments in the pipeline that will continue to see the business expand its talent pool of people, manufacturing capability and capacity. We are looking forward to working closely with our current customer base and welcome new opportunities that require our subject material expertise in silicone, rubbers, plastics and metals. Additionally, as our customer base grows in the fields of advanced manufacturing and additive manufacturing, molding and clean room manufacturing, we continue to invest in the most sophisticated machinery and the best and brightest people.

When you are ready to manufacture, speak to Australia’s foremost team and experience the next level of professionalism and manufacturing expertise.

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