Sean Emery

Sean Emery


Sean Emery always had an innate curiosity for how things work. Initially, he sated that curiosity by diving into the world of electrical engineering at the University of NSW. But something didn’t quite click.

Taking a gap year from study, Sean hit the road to travel around Australia. It was there on the open highway with road trains rocketing past, Sean had a realisation.

‘I learnt something about myself while taking a break from electrical engineering – I enjoy physically seeing all the moving parts and processes in a project. I really like being able to play around with forces… seeing how material bodies affect each other in real space.’

Taking up a new degree in mechanical engineering, Sean’s enthusiasm quickly translated into real-world problem solving at Romar.

Putting his agile mind to use, Sean now supports the production, design, quality assurance and quality control teams.

‘I get to be part of multiple teams that all tackle very different problems on a daily basis. It’s really rewarding.

‘Romar is a great learning experience for me as we do everything from initial design all the way through to final output. The design phase gives so much potential to improve on a concept, but I also really like the challenge of improving assembly processes. It’s hard to choose a speciality!’

With his graduation still ahead of him, Sean still has time to choose. He’s building a wealth of experience in manufacturing and looks forward to growing into a more versatile engineer.


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