Sean McGing


Sean McGing knew he enjoyed problem solving  and he knew he wanted to work in an area where he could be innovative. He just didn’t know where that would be.

After completing his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering he had a chance meeting with Romar founder Neil Wilson and discovered they had similar views on the world. Sean was offered a start.

‘I love learning and developing my expertise with the massive talent and experience here at Romar.

I enjoy manufacturing and problem solving. There’s so much variety of work, and variety of people – there’s always something different every day.’

Thoughtful and intelligent, Sean has one of those huge, altruistic hearts, which fits well in a company where design and innovation in the medical industry can mean huge changes to someone’s quality of life.

‘I feel like I’m contributing – I recently worked on a project where we designed and manufactured a baby mask which could save a life. It’s very rewarding.

There’s a huge trend where the best and brightest are moving towards industries that don’t give back to the community. I often wonder what they would be able to accomplish if they moved into something more altruistic.’

Being able to create something from nothing is what energises Sean.

‘From an idea to fruition, you feel like you own it. For example, I developed a skylight, and when I see it in operation, it gives me an incredible amount of satisfaction.’

When he’s not changing the world with engineering innovation, Sean loves trivia, movies and spending time with family and friends. He’s a keen FUTSAL player and golfer, and has also been known to enjoy a spin down at tenpin bowling.

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