Three Key Advantages of Silicone Manufacturing

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With longstanding expertise across niche areas including medical device manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, elastomer and silicone manufacturing, Romar Engineering specialises in tailored manufacturing solutions for highly regulated industries and complex projects.

Our material engineers, additive engineers and manufacturing engineers work collaboratively to provide scalable commercial manufacturing solutions, and central to successful projects is expert material selection.

Material influences the manufacturing process, cost and performance – and our team can adapt client manufacturing solutions to meet very specific project criteria.

Silicone is a high-performance material with traits including high UV and heat resistance and good weatherability. As long-term silicone specialists, we see three key advantages with silicone, giving it broad potential across the aerospace, medical, mining and defence sectors.

Compatibility with highly regulated industries

Silicone rubber is suitable for the manufacture of biomedical and food-grade components, and it has good potential for other highly regulated industries including aerospace. It has high purity levels and is inert, odourless, transparent and tasteless.

Silicone is widely used for medical device manufacturing, given it is resistant to bacteria and does not react with other materials. Medical-grade silicone is generally compatible with human tissues and body fluids, exhibiting a low tissue response in comparison to other elastomers. Silicone is commonly found in both internal and external medical devices such as prosthetics, heart pacemakers and tubing.

At Romar, we can modify silicone’s cure chemistry (cross-link chemistry) and the physical materials within to meet any required application and surface finish. With a Class 8 Clean Room, we’re equipped to manufacture silicone products that consistently meet industry standards for food, medical, aerospace and industrial applications, nationally and internationally.

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Mechanical and thermal properties for high performance

Silicone rubbers have high tear and tensile strength, good elongation (to 1250%) and flexibility, low compression set and a durometer range of 5 to 80 Shore A.

Silicone rubber also has excellent thermal properties, including resistance to high and low temperatures (-50°C to +250°C; specialty grades: -110°C to +300°C) with only slight changes in physical properties between -50°C and +180°C. It can be used indefinitely at 150°C with virtually no change in its physical properties.

Additionally, it has a water-repellent surface, and it exhibits good chemical resistance and flame retardancy. When silicone rubbers do burn, they do not produce noxious gases.

Silicone’s insulating properties lend to its widespread use in industrial manufacturing, including consumer electronics and business equipment, adhesives and sealants for marine, mining and aerospace.

Weatherability for longevity

Silicone rubbers are highly UV-resistant and they will withstand ongoing exposure to wind, rain, salt and abrasion with no change in physical properties, making them more durable than organic rubbers in external and some industrial environments.

Silicone rubbers can be modified to resist radiation with the addition of phenyl groups to the polymer molecules, and thus are usable as a material for cables in nuclear power plants.

With the ability to bond with diverse materials, including concrete, glass, granite, steel and plastics, and absorb stress and movement from wind or earthquakes, silicone products are also found in construction applications.

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Another key advantage of silicone manufacturing is its high processability and flexibility. Romar engineers can modify silicone to suit diverse industrial and commercial manufacturing applications.

Silicone, for instance, is naturally translucent, but we can manufacture it in a range of colours and to varying degrees of hardness or softness.

We can modify the coefficient of friction as needed and adapt insulation or conducting properties.

With over 40 years of experience, we’re the leader in expert silicone manufacturing solutions, including medical grade silicone, custom silicone molds, O-rings, sheets, food grade silicone and industrial grade silicone.

Please contact us if you have a project in need of a robust and scalable manufacturing solution.