How Advanced Manufacturing Provides Smart Solutions

Jet engine printed model plastic

Advanced manufacturing is changing commercial and industrial practices and processes around the globe. As we experience the fourth industrial revolution – also termed Industry 4.0 or The Internet of Things – we see a heightened focus on cutting-edge technology for innovative and robust manufacturing solutions.

Much more than technology, advanced manufacturing is also about innovation, processes and performance. It encompasses niche technology such as additive manufacturing, in combination with proven manufacturing expertise.

Advanced manufacturing provides smart solutions by integrating smart technology, smart processes and smart strategy.

Smart developments in technology

Advanced manufacturing technologies span digitalisation, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and automation such as workplace robotics or remote autonomous vehicles.

Also called additive manufacturing, 3D printing, in particular, holds enormous potential for Australian industry. At Romar, we provide tailored additive manufacturing solutions for sectors including aerospace, mining and defence… with our singular technology.

Our Lasertec 65 is an exceptional 3D printer that exists in only two other commercial settings internationally.

Where most 3D printers create three-dimensional objects by adding material layer upon layer, the Lasertec 65 is a hybrid technology – meaning it has the capacity to both add and subtract layers and to combine metals with other materials. It builds fast and, with inbuilt milling capability, we can finish machine and inspect in a single set-up.

The practical outcome of these features is that we can manufacture monolithic, multi-material components for immediate use without modification or treatment. This gives our customers access to fast-response production of creative new designs or high-quality replacement components.

Passenger commercial airplane on maintenance

Smart use of existing equipment or machinery

With the Lasertec 65, we can provide multiple and multifaceted manufacturing solutions, including rapid prototyping for research and development and low volume to large scale metal manufacturing of highly complex components in highly regulated industries.

We also have the ability to repair, renew and replace existing components – and that holds incredible potential to transform existing industry processes for part usage, purchasing, storage and supply chain.

In conjunction with the Lasertec 65, we employ a Leitz PMM, a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with ultra-high accuracy and first-class machine dynamics. It’s ideal for inspection reports, part failure root analysis and reverse engineering of critical legacy parts.

Object printed on metal

Strategic smarts

Alan Lipman, Romar’s CEO, acknowledges one crucial aspect of effective advanced manufacturing solutions. “Nothing replaces engineering experience,” he says.

Romar has over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing, and we’ve built a world-class team of engineering specialists.

Among them is Steve Milanoski, our Head of Advanced Manufacturing, who came to us from the additive manufacturing team at SpaceX. Steve worked on the design of rocket engine valves and components – he designed the first ever additive manufactured part that flew in space.

At Romar, he works alongside an expert team of materials, manufacturing and biomedical engineers.

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