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Sofie Tran

QA Manager

As QA (Quality Assurance) Manager with Romar Engineering, Sofie’s role is to monitor and maintain systems and to oversee quality management system documentation.

She also analyses quality management system performance to help ensure our continued compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements across the medical, mining, aerospace and defence sectors.

With a background spanning quality and document control in medical manufacturing, Sofie is ideally placed to ensure we deliver high quality manufacturing solutions including elastomers, additive manufacturing, clean room manufacturing, precision molding and silicone products – for every customer.

“My background is in quality control for medical device manufacturing,” she says. “I started working for a manufacturer and saw they had a document control role which interested me. I worked in document control for about six years, before they moved me up to Quality Associate and then Document Manager.”

Sofie is one of Romar’s newest recruits, but she has slipped into the team seamlessly.

Romar is a very good company. I like the culture of the company and I love that we have consistent, high-quality systems.” Another thing Sofie particularly appreciates, are the people.

“I like every single person here and I really enjoy working with my colleagues and sharing experiences. I love learning from the people in my and other departments. We can help each other and consistently look for opportunities for improvement.”

Outside work, Sofie loves travel, time with friends and daily meditation to calm the mind – something no doubt useful in her busy role. Like all of our team, Sofie is also committed to exceptional results.

“I think it’s important to work hard and be passionate about what you do. I just feel like I want to contribute and to help people, and I love that we do that here at Romar, especially with our medical device manufacturing.”



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