Romar Attends 2020 Australian Space Forum in Adelaide

Launching racket

Alan Lipman, CEO, and Steve Milanoski, Head of Advanced Manufacturing at Romar Engineering, recently attended the 9th Australian Space Forum in Adelaide. Prime Minister Scott Morrison formally opened the event at the Australian Space Agency’s headquarters on Wednesday 19 February.

During his address, the Prime Minister highlighted the economic benefit of a strong space sector in terms of both domestic job growth and technological opportunity for all Australians. Also on hand were the Minister for Science and Industry and the Head of the Space Agency, both of whom acknowledged the recently announced collaboration with the Italian Space Agency (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana).

Of particular note was the panel discussion on private space in Australia, with the heads of four prominent Australian Space start-ups all focused on launch capability.

Space Forum

Connecting with Gilmour Space Technologies

The Space Forum was an excellent opportunity for Romar to make connections and showcase our skills in the Australian space ecosystem.

During the event, the Australian Space Agency provided introductions to Adam Gilmour, CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies.

In discussions with Adam, he acknowledged an urgent need for fluid control devices (valves, actuators, pressure vessels), which he had been seeking from several international companies including FCT International, EOS Space Systems and Boeing Space, plus the domestic relations arm of the Space Agency.

Following up on this introduction, Alan and Steve visited Gilmour Space Technologies in Helensvale, Queensland.

Their visit centred on leveraging additive manufacturing for aerospace and discussing qualification of launch vehicles in Australia, and in response to Gilmour’s desire for pressure vessels and flow control devices, we have since sent several parts for quote.

We look forward to a continued relationship with Adam and Gilmour Technologies – and to ongoing attendance at the Australian Space Forum.

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