Steve Milanoski

Steve Milanoski


Steve’s career so far…

Steve Milanoski started his career in the US Navy as a submariner – and it’s where his love of engineering began.

He worked on navigation electronics and atmosphere monitoring/control systems, before switching to university to study engineering with a focus on materials.

After his engineering study, Steve worked at SpaceX, where he designed rocket engine valves and components for the Merlin 1C and 1D engines. He moved onto the Additive Manufacturing team, whose focus at that stage was large format additive parts for the Raptor program.

The first ever additive manufacturing part that flew in space was a rocket engine check valve – and it was Steve’s design: a huge career milestone and achievement.

“Additive manufacturing gave SpaceX more flexibility and design control over the entire process,” says Steve. The design flexibility, coupled with both lead time and cost advantages, made printing the valve housing a no-brainer for SpaceX.

The beauty of 3D printing is that if a part doesn’t work, then it can be easily changed and reprinted. This allows for continuous production without lengthy delays and the ability to react efficiently to highly dynamic scenarios.

“Once you take that jump then you are locked into that design. With additive manufacturing, we realised if we wanted to add something, it is very easy to do. Often it can be two weeks from the idea popping into your head to holding the part in your hand.”

Connecting with Romar

Steve met Romar’s founder, Neil Wilson, at a DMG Mori conference… and they hit it off immediately. Neil’s breadth of knowledge and passion about 3D printing impressed Steve.

When the opportunity came for Steve to chat to Neil and Alan about a position at Romar, he jumped at it. Steve is married to an Australian and he always loved the idea of bringing up his children here.

Romar’s strong team culture

“Far and away the strongest asset that Romar has is the people. I’m just really excited to be part of such a strong team.”

When Steve decided to make the move to Romar, one of the key reasons was the people. He visited the Sydney head office several times whilst working out his role at Romar. The engineering team’s knowledge and work ethic impressed him. He saw that they went out of their way to solve engineering problems for their clients.

“It’s their practical approach to complex problems which really puts them head and shoulders above others.”

Steve’s new role as Head of Advanced Manufacturing

Steve joined the Romar team in May 2019 as our new Head of Advanced Manufacturing.

He brings with him a wealth of practical additive and advanced manufacturing experience. Whether it’s on the front end with design or manufacturing a new part,

Steve has plenty of experience.

“I’ve gone from parts that are a figment of my imagination to holding them in my hand several weeks later.”

Romar is thrilled to have Steve as Head of Advanced Manufacturing. His vast experience, especially from SpaceX, is invaluable to the success of our future projects.


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