Neil Wilson


A Natural Curiosity

Curiosity. It’s a common thread with engineers, and Romar founder Neil Wilson is no exception. His natural curiosity sees each day filled with problem solving and the anticipation of success.

Education is everything

Romar has been in business for 50 years. Neil’s dad, Robert, was a toolmaker, but he wanted Neil to go out and learn something worthwhile before joining the family business.

‘I get up in the morning and come to work to solve problems. The reward is seeing things happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s me, or someone else here – I like to see it.

Our motives as engineers are seeing success in the things we take on. We aren’t just driven by the financial aspects of the job, but also by the success and outcomes.’

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Alan Lipman

Alan Lipman


‘We work on so many interesting and cutting edge things that you don’t see in the ordinary course of business. There’s so much work that goes on here at the cutting edge of manufacturing in terms of materials and processes – and that’s what inspires me.’

Alan has a solid and diverse background in running manufacturing companies and he’s at a point in his career where he can pick and choose where he goes next.

So in 2016 he chose Romar.

‘I have a solid understanding of the medical device industry and manufacturing. I greatly value the opportunities that present themselves when you put these two things together. I love running businesses. I say, ‘It’s the most fun you can have standing up.’ I have a particular management style that works well and I’ve had success in running businesses in a particular way – and that’s what gets me going. I’m an early starter. I’m at my desk at 7 in the morning, and I’m happy to put in long days. I don’t consider it hard work, I consider it enjoyment.’

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Steve Milanoski

Steve Milanoski


Steve Milanoski started his career in the US Navy as a submariner – and it’s where his love of engineering began. He worked on navigation electronics and atmosphere monitoring/control systems, before switching to university to study engineering with a focus on materials.

After his engineering study, Steve worked at SpaceX, where he designed rocket engine valves and components for the Merlin 1C and 1D engines. He moved onto the Additive Manufacturing team, whose focus at that stage was large format additive parts for the Raptor program.

The first ever additive manufacturing part that flew in space was a rocket engine check valve – and it was Steve’s design: a huge career milestone and achievement.

“Additive manufacturing gave SpaceX more flexibility and design control over the entire process,” says Steve. The design flexibility, coupled with both lead time and cost advantages, made printing the valve housing a no-brainer for SpaceX.

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Johnathon Choi


‘I’m hoping what we do makes a difference to someone else’s life.’

Biomedical Business Director Johnathon Choi is a lucky, lucky guy.

He gets to work hard in the field he specialises in and loves, and he gets to see the positive effect his work has on others, every single day. And that’s a very rewarding place to be.

‘I oversee a lot of the medical device related projects.

I liaise with the customers and provide input within Romar from a technical and a compliance perspective (making sure we comply with all the regulatory and quality requirements) and I get to see the medical devices being manufactured and how they are used. 

And part of my role is seeking out more opportunities for Romar to develop within the medical device space.’

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Rita Nicolas

Rita Nicolas


Rita Nicolas thrives on challenges. And processes. And development. And as Production Manager at Romar, she needs to be on her toes every single day.

‘With production there is always something going on – new processes to discuss and develop.’

Rita’s expertise lies in biomedical engineering and material science. She manages the design, development and verification of medical devices before and after they go to market.

Rita knew engineering would be a good fit for her. She got an internship at Romar straight out of university.

‘I’m good with maths and I like making things! Biomedicine is an upcoming field and there’s great future growth there.’

Rita likes to figure out how to make things work. And she feels strongly about working in a field where she can contribute to society in a beneficial manner.

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Sean Emery

Sean Emery


Sean Emery always had an innate curiosity for how things work. Initially, he sated that curiosity by diving into the world of electrical engineering at the University of NSW.

But something didn’t quite click.

Taking a gap year from study, Sean hit the road to travel around Australia.

It was there on the open highway with road trains rocketing past, Sean had a realisation.

‘I learnt something about myself while taking a break from electrical engineering – I enjoy physically seeing all the moving parts and processes in a project. I really like being able to play around with forces… seeing how material bodies affect each other in real space.’

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Glenn Myhill

Glenn Myhill


Glenn Myhill joined Romar in October 2017 as CFO.

He has an extensive financial and accounting career with companies such as Deloitte, Meryll Lynch and Imation.

Glen holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management and is a member of CIMA (Chartered Institute of Chartered Accountants).

Since joining Romar, Glen has reorganised the Accounting department and revitalised Romar’s monthly reporting.

“What motivates me everyday to get out of bed is my work at Romar.”

{I believe I am adding value and making the company stronger”

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Daniel Sprod

Daniel Sprod


Romar’s footy fanatic Materials Scientist loves the variety that his job offers.

“One day I will be designing molding tools at my computer using CAD and on another I’ll be working with new materials in the workshop”

As a Materials Scientist, Daniel lives and breaths materials and loves discovering new ways to use them for Romar’s clients.

Daniel is an important member of the Technical Development team at Romar, headed up by Carlo Cartini. This team is instrumental in ensuring our clients have the best materials for their projects.

One of our newest clients commented that she was blown away by the team’s materials knowledge. They have a down to earth manner about them but they really know how to achieve the best results for their customers within budget.

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Bing Jing


23 years and counting…

In 1996, Bing Jing joined Romar as an R&D Assistant Engineer.

He was fresh out of university, after completing a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering at UNSW.

He’s still here to this day…

Why? He says it’s because of the fantastic company culture and interesting work.

“‘Everyone compliments each other with their skills and knowledge. We all work towards one goal, which is to make the business successful. This has contributed to my decision to stay for so many years.”’

Since 2012, Bing’s role evolved with Romar’s new business focus of silicone molding and micromolding.

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Jag Sury



Jag is Romar’s newest employee, and he’s an ideal fit. With a longstanding career in engineering, management, consulting and IT sales, he’s perfectly positioned for his new role driving business opportunities for Romar’s advanced manufacturing capability and the Lasertec 65 3D printer.

Engineering excellence

Jag initially studied mechanical engineering at the University of Mysore and worked for 16 years in engineering and management for projects servicing major power stations in India. He then specialised in ceramic manufacturing in Bangalore for several years before making the move to Australia in 1991.

“I completed postgraduate studies in industrial engineering at UTS in Sydney and worked as an industrial engineer for Norton, heading up the coatings division.”

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Morgan Wagner assists Manufacturing Manager, Rita Nicolas, with multiple aspects of manufacturing production including logistics, deadlines and key performance indicators. He also helps look for ways to improve and streamline manufacturing processes.

Morgan is one of Romar Engineering’s newest recruits, but he is not entirely new to the organisation. He first came to us as an intern whilst in the final stages of a Degree of Engineering and Science at Macquarie University in Sydney.

His internship lasted for 12 weeks in 2018 and 2019, during which time he worked both with Rita, and with Carlo Cartini, leading materials engineer and Romar’s Director of Technical Development.

“My majors were in mechanical engineering and human biology and I found Romar while looking for biomedical companies because of the biology aspect of my studies,” he explains.

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Hayden Mclaughlin


While Hayden McLaughlin is new to his current role, he’s been a part of the Romar team since 2020. Hayden first joined us for an internship whilst studying Mechanical Engineering at Macquarie University.

He was introduced to Romar by Morgan Wagner, a Manufacturing Engineer and fellow Macquarie graduate and Romar intern.

When Hayden completed his 3-month internship, we were delighted to offer him a full-time role as Manufacturing Engineer.

Now working in production, Hayden oversees manufacturing procedures and practices to ensure we deliver smooth and seamless commercial manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, mining, medical and defence sectors. As an avid problem solver, he fits right in.

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Lady wearing jacket standing at the laboratory

Sofie Tran


As QA (Quality Assurance) Manager with Romar Engineering, Sofie’s role is to monitor and maintain systems and to oversee quality management system documentation.

She also analyses quality management system performance to help ensure our continued compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements across the medical, mining, aerospace and defence sectors.

With a background spanning quality and document control in medical manufacturing, Sofie is ideally placed to ensure we deliver high quality manufacturing solutions including elastomers, additive manufacturing, clean room manufacturing, precision molding and silicone products – for every customer.

“My background is in quality control for medical device manufacturing,” she says. “I started working for a manufacturer and saw they had a document control role which interested me.”

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Stalin Govindasamy


Stalin Govindasamy manages quality management systems to ensure our manufacturing solutions meet applicable regulatory standards – including ISO 9001 (2015) for manufacturing, ISO 13485 (2016) for medical devices, and soon, AS9100, for aerospace manufacturing.

Stalin came to Romar with a unique background spanning both the engineering and quality assurance fields.

After completing a mechatronics degree, I joined the semiconductor industry in Singapore. I then shifted towards control systems in complementary medicine, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. I had various roles in quality assurance and validation before I decided to become a consultant, and I did that for around five years.”

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Bau Nguyen


At Romar Engineering, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing solutions – and our world-class team of engineers and materials experts.

One of the newest to join our team is Bau Nguyen, Additive Manufacturing Development Engineer.

Bau assists Steve Milanoski, Head of Advanced Manufacturing with additive manufacturing for sectors including aerospace, mining and defence. “I work on the Lasertec 65 (3D Printer), and I do modelling, simulations and printing parts,” says Bau.

Bau has excellent credentials for his role with Romar. “I graduated from materials engineering and mechanical engineering from the University of Singapore and worked for several organisations including Simtech Singapore and the National University of Singapore. I’ve worked in additive manufacturing for many years, since I first joined Simtec.”

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Benjamin Bax


Benjamin Bax joined Romar Engineering in late 2021 as an additive manufacturing engineer, directly from DMG Mori in Germany. He has a wealth of experience in materials science for additive technology utilising the DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine.

It’s a 3D printer with unique hybrid manufacturing capability, found in only three commercial settings globally.

“I have a PhD in materials science from the University of Saarland, and after university, I worked for DMG developing process parameters for additive manufacturing,” says Ben. “I primarily used the Lasertec 65, which is the machine we have at Romar.”

Ben’s focus is on developing material process parameters for the Lasertec 65, to ensure our additive manufacturing solutions are optimised to meet client objectives and robust quality and compliance requirements for highly regulated industries such as aerospace, medical, mining and defence.

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Daniel Meckes


As Romar Engineering’s Principal Engineer, Daniel Meckes leads the design aspects of Romar projects for the medical, defence and aerospace sectors. He joined Romar in November 2021 with longstanding experience in engineering and medical device manufacturing.

“Prior to becoming an engineer, I worked as a surgical technician at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in the United States, and that’s when I developed an interest in medical devices,” he explains.

“I had initially thought of training as a medic, but I found I had a passion for physics and applied mathematics and much preferred them over biology. I saw there was a huge opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives developing medical devices.”

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a man smiling in front of the camera

Mario Bosnjak


With Romar Engineering since early 2022, Mario Bosnjak is an Advanced Manufacturing Test Engineer. His role involves testing and validation to ensure our manufactured components meet all required national and global specifications.

My job involves writing test plans, developing test procedures, conducting the test rig, performing the test, and gathering and analysing data. I’m involved in qualification testing to verify designs, and acceptance testing to verify workmanship – and ensure that our manufacturing meets required standards, including SMC-S-016 (a U.S. aerospace standard for launch, upper space and test vehicles).”

Mario comes to Romar with long-standing experience in software development and testing, in both the automotive and medical device industries.

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Deborah Christmas



The ‘catch all’ at Romar . Deborah (or “Deb” as she prefers to be known) has been Romar’s office administrator and receptionist for the past 4 years. She has many, many years of experience as both team and personal assistants.

If you ask anyone in the Romar team, they will tell you how valuable she is to keeping the office running efficiently every day.

No two days are the same for Deb. On a typical morning, she will arrive to look through her emails and then write a to-do list. As the day progresses, she often sees this to-do list being blown out of the water.

Deb is your first point of contact when you phone us at Romar. She also looks after payroll, collections, stationery, accounts, data entry, travel planning and much more.

“I enjoy the variety of my role at Romar. I’m here to assist the whole team, so I often receive last minute and urgent requests.”

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