Four Key Reasons to Choose a Turnkey Manufacturer

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Romar remains a leader in Australian manufacturing, thanks to longstanding experience and diverse capability across areas including advanced manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, micromolding, silicone products and elastomers.

With cutting-edge technology and facilities, plus an expert team of engineers and materials scientists, we’re fully equipped for first-class turnkey manufacturing.

As a turnkey manufacturer, we have proven manufacturing processes that start with expert analysis and extend through design for manufacture, material selection, commercial manufacturing plus logistics and distribution.

There are several reasons why a turnkey manufacturer is the optimum choice for high-quality, compliant and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Here are our top four.

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Seamless prototyping, production and delivery

When dealing with multiple manufacturers, key risks can include miscommunication between companies, high capability variance and delays in production times due to reliance on multiple vendors.

When you deal with an expert turnkey manufacturer, there is a seamless production timeline from analysis through to prototyping and full project delivery.

At Romar, our team has diverse and expansive capability across multiple strands of manufacturing. We communicate and work seamlessly together to devise a tailored solution that meets project objectives and budget, and to deliver comprehensive, efficient and focused manufacturing solutions.

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Single contact for efficient customer solutions

A single point of contact for every aspect of your manufacturing project has clear benefits. When dealing with a turnkey manufacturer, there is no need to communicate with multiple companies or rely on those companies to communicate with each other. On a practical level, it means a single point of contact for quoting, invoicing, scheduling and logistics.

A turnkey manufacturer also eliminates potential delays in the event of project changes. Any change in design or timeline due to unforeseen issues can have a flow-on effect when dealing with multiple vendors, which increases potential for misalignment between parties – and significant delays.

At Romar, we ensure any change is efficiently factored into the manufacturing process and timeline.

Short supply chain for swift production

As a turnkey manufacturer, Romar will coordinate the entire manufacturing process, thereby saving our customers time and resources.

One obvious advantage of turnkey manufacturing is a shorter supply chain. By keeping processes under one roof, it eliminates the need for movement of materials or components between manufacturers in multiple locations.

Turnkey manufacturing helps reduce production costs and shipping costs with a shorter supply chain from materials provider to manufacturer to distributor and, ultimately, consumer.

Known and quality assured manufacturing

As a known and trusted turnkey manufacturer, Romar has a clear advantage with our depth of expertise.

Our capability ensures we provide commercially robust manufacturing solutions that meet all industry standards and compliance requirements across diverse sectors including aerospace, medical and defence.

We combine our proven processes with expert quality assurance and quality control systems, so our manufacturing solutions consistently meet the highest possible standards.

Please contact us if you have a manufacturing project in need of a high quality, compliant and efficient turnkey manufacturing solution.