Neil and Alan 2019 US Trip Round-up

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US Trip Round-Up

Alan Lipman (CEO) and Neil Wilson (Chairman) spent 2 weeks touring the USA during March and April this year.

The aim of the trip was to meet with existing and new clients to discuss their project and manufacturing requirements with Romar.

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of the trip was a visit to ‘Disneyland for engineers’…can you guess where this is?

Find out below…

First stop: Silicon Valley!

Neil and Alan’s first stop was San Francisco, the home of Silicon Valley. Here they met with Madorra, a company revolutionising the lives of women. Their product is currently in the design and development phase.

When looking for a manufacturer, Madorra sought a company with proven silicone molding expertise. Romar came highly recommended. The partnership with Madorra continues to go from strength to strength as manufacturing quantities increase.

‘I feel like we are one company, we just happen to be on opposite sides of the Pacific’– Madorra COO, Stephanie Kaplan

They also met with a new customer in San Francisco to discuss their manufacturing requirements.

Tech start-ups

Second stop: San Diego - the home of tech startups

San Diego was a busy stop for Neil and Alan. San Diego is known as a hub for new medical device companies. Romar is well regarded in this space for its expertise in silicone molding and micromolding.

Neil and Alan first met with one of their first medical device partners, Q-Flo. Q-Flo is a device that goes on the end of a syringe to prevent important medication from spilling in hospitals. Romar’s partnership with Q-Flo spans several years and the device is manufactured in our Sydney factory.

Cohero Health was next on the agenda. Cohero is an exciting new client creating breathe smarter® products to transform the lives of people with respiratory challenges. Our new partnership with Cohero is very exciting and we look forward to sharing more soon.

Romar - Cohero Health

Finally, Neil and Alan met with David Stroup from Pathway Innovations Inc. Romar and Pathway work together to develop new medical devices. Pathway is a growing privately-held service provider bringing new medical devices to life. Our expertise in silicone and plastics manufacturing allows us to work with them on many life-saving products. We have several new projects in the works here.

Pump by Babyation

Third stop: St Louis

Neil and Alan enjoyed Indianapolis because they met with an exciting new company, Babyation. This company created a world-first discreet breast pump.

The Pump by Babyation is so discreet and quiet that new mothers can pump without others noticing. Its ideal for those heading back to work.

Neil and Alan met with Babyation founder, Jarrod Miller, to discuss manufacturing the silicone component of the breast pump.

Fourth stop: The Big Apple, New York

The Big Apple, New York

New York was all about meetings, shopping and R&R.

Cook medical

Fifth Stop: Indianapolis, a manufacturing hub

Neil and Alan met with a long time customer of Romar, Cook Medical.

They discussed current and potential new manufacturing opportunities.

Space rocket taking off

Sixth stop: Los Angeles

They finally made it… ‘Disneyland for Engineers’ (as Alan would put it). This place is otherwise known as SpaceX. Founded by Elon Musk, SpaceX manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.

Since 2002, the company has created a series of historic milestones. These include being the only private company capable of returning a spacecraft from low Earth orbit, which they first accomplished in 2010.

Two man with a space rocket behind them

They continue to evolve their spacecrafts.

Neil and Alan were lucky enough to tour SpaceX.

To say they were excited to be there is an understatement!

During their tour, they visited the additive manufacturing section; saw the new rocket engines and Dragon capsule; and visited the control room for the rocket launch.

Neil and Alan were primarily interested in the SpaceX additive manufacturing capability, as Romar is looking to build something similar with our Lasertec 65.

SpeceX also runs a Lasertec 65, so they learnt a great deal during this visit.

Stay tuned for some existing news about a big push into high-end Advanced Manufacturing.

Neil and Alan returned to Australia from the US with some exciting new clients and strengthened relationships with our existing clients.