Romar Welcomes Former Intern to its Exceptional Team

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As a leading Australian manufacturer in advanced manufacturing, elastomers, silicone products and medical device manufacturing, Romar has a highly skilled in-house team with extensive capabilities.

That access to expertise is a drawcard for our interns – and internships give us a chance to discover some of the brightest graduates in the country.

We’ve recently welcomed to the team one of our outstanding former interns, Morgan Wagner. Morgan interned with us whilst completing a double degree in engineering and human biology, and we’re delighted to welcome him back to the fold as a full-time staff member.

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The road to Romar

Morgan came to Romar for 12 weeks in 2018 and 2019 whilst in the final stages of a Degree of Engineering and Science at Macquarie University in Sydney.

He first discovered us whilst looking for potential internship placements.

“My majors were in mechanical engineering and human biology and I was looking for biomedical companies because of the biology aspect of my studies,” he explains. “I found Romar, emailed Alan and he got back in touch very quickly.”

Alan was quick off the mark again when Morgan posted a note on LinkedIn to advise he had graduated. “Alan called me and offered me a role and I really appreciate that he reached out. I thought about it over the weekend after his call but there really wasn’t a huge amount of consideration. Having the chance to be working in biomedical and for a company like Romar so soon after graduating is terrific.”

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Access to leading expertise

Morgan’s internship gave him the chance to get first-hand experience in two strands of the business.

“I spent the first six weeks of the internship working with Rita (Nicolas, Manufacturing Manager) on the production side, and the second half working with Carlo (Cartini, Director of Technical Development).”

“I really enjoy working with the Romar team and the thing that really struck me interning here was how much they know about their fields. Carlo has a wealth of knowledge about elastomers and Rita has such a large understanding of how a company works. I’ve learnt a lot about how a manufacturing company operates – about manufacturing viability for instance – and that’s something you don’t get at uni.”

Making a mark with Romar

Now with Romar full-time, Morgan works with Rita learning aspects of her role which include keeping on top of manufacturing logistics, deadlines and key performance indicators. He will also help Rita look at ways to improve and streamline manufacturing processes.

Morgan says he has found the entire team really helpful at Romar, and he particularly enjoys picking the brains of our experts including Rita, Carlo, Manufacturing Engineer Sean Emery and Head of Advanced Manufacturing, Steve Milanoski.

He is also discovering more about our diverse strands including silicone molding and advanced manufacturing.

“I owe thanks to Steve, Carlo… everyone. They’ve been so helpful and encouraging,” Morgan adds. “It’s really helping me as a young engineer to get a sense of direction.”

Moving forward with expert Australian manufacturing

There was another element to Romar that was a drawcard for Morgan.

“I spoke to an engineer I know who has worked both for very large and small companies, and he absolutely recommended a smaller one,” says Morgan.

“On one hand, it gives you access to different expertise, and on the other, you have more of a chance to make a direct contribution and do something meaningful.”

“The thing I’m most enjoying about the company is working with different people to help make this company better. I like that engineering is about working with people to try and solve a problem, and I really enjoy how team oriented the company is.”

Just like Morgan, Romar’s team is motivated to meet manufacturing challenges with exceptional client-focused manufacturing solutions. So please contact us for quality industrial manufacturing – from the experts.