A Romar Guide to Advanced Manufacturing

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Romar holds a unique place among Australian manufacturers with a combination of commercially-sound manufacturing expertise – and niche capability in advanced manufacturing.

There are multiple strands to and definitions of advanced manufacturing. Essentially, the term describes the use of innovative technology and techniques such as system integration, robotics and 3D printing, employed to enhance performance and productivity.

While it’s sometimes the focus, whiz bang technology is just one aspect of high-quality and effective advanced manufacturing.

At Romar, we have a specialist in-house team of additive, biomedical, materials and manufacturing engineers – and the industry knowledge acquired over 50 years – to deliver robust, innovative and globally-oriented advanced manufacturing solutions.

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Defining advanced manufacturing

There is no single all-embracing definition of advanced manufacturing.

The Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council (AAMC) defines advanced manufacturers as “globally-oriented and innovative manufacturers” who are involved in the “development of new markets, new products, new technologies and new ways to manufacture existing products.”

For the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Ltd (AMGC), there are three key characteristics of advanced manufacturers – advanced knowledge, advanced processes and advanced business models, including niche market capability.

What is common across these, and countless other definitions across multiple sectors, is an emphasis on innovation, cutting-edge technology, specialist expertise and international reach.

Metal-off manufacturing

Smart technology for superior solutions

Advanced manufacturing is one strand of industry 4.0, the fourth – and current – industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 focuses on the automation and digitalisation of traditional manufacturing machinery and spaces. Industry 4.0 technologies include advanced robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing.

At Romar, our advanced manufacturing capabilities centre on two key machines. The Leitz PMM is a fixed bridge/moving table CMM that measures the physical geometrical properties of an object with precision accuracy.

The DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis synchronous laser deposition, welding and milling machine is an elite 3D printer with enhanced capability found in only two other commercial settings globally… and nowhere else in the Southern Hemisphere.

Most 3D printers add successive layers of material to create a CAD-designed three-dimensional object. Our Lasertec 65 has unique metal-on and metal-off manufacturing capability of highly complex components. We’re able to create metal blends or add metal to existing components, build to a larger size and at a much faster speed (10 times faster than a powder bed based system) and we’re able to produce complex 3D geometries up to 500mm. The Lasertec 65 also combines the flexibility of high capacity additive manufacturing with precise, 5-axis milling.

With the capability to create parts that are also immediately functional without treatment or modification, we can deliver fast prototypes or scalable metal manufacturing.

Equipped for advanced performance

At Romar, our advanced manufacturing capability directly correlates with enhanced productivity, performance and long-term profitability.

With our Lasertec 65 and Leitz PMM, we design scalable manufacturing solutions, provide rapid prototyping, and we can optimise components for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Of significance for sectors including aerospace, mining and defence is our ability to repair or replace components that would traditionally be discarded once they fail.

We can coat complex parts like turbine casings and blades, guide vanes, impellers, propellers, blisks, multi-material components, tubes and molds with internal features.

With singular advanced manufacturing capability, we have full flexibility to reverse engineer components or engineer innovative new manufacturing designs, from jet engine components to medical devices.

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Expertise for robust results

Romar is a leader in advanced manufacturing thanks not just to our singular technology, but to our exceptional team of world-class additive, materials, biomedical and manufacturing engineers.

It means we can assess every customer project, provide expert design for manufacture and material selection, and embrace a full suite of traditional and advanced manufacturing processes – including silicone manufacturing, micromolding, clean room manufacturing, precision molding and elastomers – to devise a quality assured, industry compliant and always innovative manufacturing solution.

At Romar, we don’t manufacture products. We deliver considered, commercially robust and effective advanced manufacturing solutions to help you improve performance and competitiveness. Please contact us to find out more.

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